Ground Breaking Camera Systems

overview of service

Eyes On Your Organization: Anywhere, Anytime, On Any Device

Visionary Systems is your only stop from conception through installation. Our highly trained and passionate team will work with you, listening to your organization’s unique security concerns and applying our world class experience to solve those challenges. We take great care to engage in a face to face, preliminary site visit to discuss our impending solutions. Once your unique security solution has been designed, you’ll be able to interact with our account reps and technical staff by viewing our colorful and detailed site plans. When every detail has been agreed upon, and every concern has been addressed, our installation team works with you to make sure the process is as painless as possible. This also includes shifting work and potentially noisey hours around your schedule if need be! Your satisfaction and safety are our utmost concerns. When your project is complete, you can rest assured knowing your organization is protected by America’s most cutting edge security system, visible on any device connected to wifi from anywhere in the world!

About the Features

Our video security systems replace outdated equipment and technology with innovative, intuitive, smart, and easily manageable solutions. With cloud-based camera systems, you enjoy simplified installation and setup, built-in storage, and automatic updates to keep your content updated for security and user-friendliness – all scalable to suit your business’s unique needs.


Nominal Impact on Bandwidth

Our camera systems submit encrypted images to the cloud and only transmit them while viewing.


Unlimited Cloud Storage

Sharable clips are stored in the cloud indefinitely.


Streamlined Management

One dashboard allows you to view multiple site facility footage at one time while simultaneously permitting access to relevant personnel in your company.


Key Features

View and monitor access activity through a rolling feed that enables you to identify access and exit movements or watch in hourly or daily increments with the ability to view a full day’s footage in under 30 seconds.
Detect floor motion throughout your building through dynamic heatmaps, icon-enabled event previews, and historical footage reviews.
Search people and vehicles of interest using identifying appearance parameters, such as clothing or paint color as well as License Plate Recognition(LPR.)
Customized camera footage access of a specified time and restriction level for authorized viewers through a convenient link or SMS message.