Innovative VoIP Phone Systems

overview of service

Modern and feature-rich communication system without all the hassle

Conventional phone systems are officially a relic of the past with VSAV’s innovative VoIP Phone Systems. We outfit your entire organization with the physical phone hardware, and customize a package based on the number of lines and users. Recurring monthly billing, auto draft, and user extension changes with the click of a mouse, make this seamless, hassle free product a game changer for your business. We’re confident you will immediately see there is no comparison to a conventional phone system, with unlimited and free long distance calling, and in some cases – free international calling! All this, at a steep discount from traditional telecommunication companies.

About the Features

3CX inbuilt security features have been developed to protect your PBX system from attacks.


Decrease Costs 

With the help of 3CX, your phone bill should decrease by up to 80%. Allowing you to make free inter-office calls and branch calls.

Security & Backup 

Setting the standard with inbuilt security features that have been developed to protect your PBX system from attacks.

Integrated Video Conferencing

Initiate a conference with a single click, with bandwidth management and control.

Key Features

Use your extension to receive and make calls from anywhere.
Keep your personal mobile number private and route incoming SMS to specific queues.
Work remotely from anywhere. Schedule web conferences and launch ad-hoc meetings.