Breathe Safe Environmental Monitoring

overview of service

Improve Employee Comfort and Safety

Breathe easier with our truly Revolutionary Environmental Monitoring systems detecting a wide range of particles, toxins, humidity, temperature, noise, and even motion! These systems provide specific vape and smoking monitoring for schools, hospitals, airports, museums etc. as well as TVOC and PM 2.5 monitoring for hospital grade clean air. Even better is the EM unit syncs with your existing camera system as a noise and motion detector – monitoring all from any device anywhere with wifi access. And even better than that, is how this system is completely scalable with not only unlimited units, but unlimited users!

About the Features

Your new all-in-one sensor collects a wide range of readings, making it easy for you to monitor your buildings and their health and safety for occupants. Particularly for areas that must ensure occupant seclusion, sensors provide a way of receiving the necessary information through data alerts without violating privacy.

Simplified Configuration

Quickly and easily customize and change the sensor and alert preferences. Readings and visualizations are color-coded for ease of interpretation, and there is no special training required for use. 

Scalable Solutions

Your cloud-based platform offers limitless sensor and user capabilities, with minimal bandwidth requirements and the ability to remotely monitor.

Cloud-Based Management

Secure access and alert functionality from any device with SAML-based integration with single sign-on (SSO) solutions and continuous monitoring and feature updates.

Key Features

You can easily connect to the cloud via Ethernet to view and analyze data.
Unlike other systems that require complicated installation, your unified sensors that can be scaled to any size project.
Our modern platform allows you and authorized users to access information remotely from anywhere in the world.
Easily connect to your facility’s cameras for a comprehensive monitoring and viewing experience.