Monitored Alarm Systems

overview of service

Detect and Respond To Immediate Threats

A fast, professional response when it matters, and that’s what Visionary’s Monitored Alarm System can give you. Because your alarm triggers are visually verified, your emergency response is placed at the top of the police dispatch list. We work with 3 UL, diamond rated, professional partners for monitoring in our call and dispatch centers. Even more profound, is how your existing Verkada cameras (and sensors by any brand) integrate seamlessly as triggers for the alarm, utilize existing sensor infrastructure from glass breaking to water detection to motion detection. It truly is a forward thinking, cloud based solution to seamless security and alarm installation.

About the Features

Access to alarms quickly in Command with custom alarm triggers and responses. Visionary Systems can equip your organization with 24/7 professional monitoring with video verification and emergency dispatch. You can quickly access the alarms through the alarm app.


Seamlessly Integrated 

Alarms instantly connect with your organization’s cameras, doors, environmental sensors, and alarm panels. Everything is managed through one single dashboard with shared user administration across alarms and other security products.

Professional Monitoring 

Reduce false alarms with video verification and optional emergency dispatch.

Ease of Use 

The cloud-based platform allows for customizable alarm triggers and responses with an intuitive interface. View, arm, and disarm locations from anywhere with a touch of a button.

Key Features

Alarm system allows for two-way video calls down to Alarm at any of your sites, from anywhere in the world.
Create personalized alarm triggers from any Verkada device.
Enable video verification of alarms by trained security professional.
Florida: #EC13010891 and Texas: #B155789601, all front line staff BASA Certified