Access Control

overview of service

Unlock Your Smartest Approach to Security Solutions

No matter your application needs, Visionary Systems offers highly advanced physical access control systems that enable those in your building to feel secure while allowing access for those who need it – without the time or profit-loss associated with misplaced or stolen hard copy keys. Continuously syncing data is reliably backed up in the cloud, but even if it can’t reach the cloud, the system uses the last known data. Our proven, seamless systems are an effortless, convenient security solution for your business.

Our fully integrated access control systems effectively restrict and monitor door or entry point access to your building, property, or interior room to only allow entry for authorized individuals. This system allows you to identify who has used the access control, when they have used it, and what they gained access to in your building. Further, access system analytics report multiple unsuccessful attempts to enter a restricted area.

We offer an expansive range of next-level access control products with clean and easily customizable integration. You can add, change, or remove users with a simple, immediate response process for real-time updating. And, our unified access control products are simpler for you to control than unlinked, disparate systems.

About the Features

Powerful video security fully integrated with Verkada’s cloud-based access control system for a user-friendly, easily manageable access solution across your whole organization. Our solutions provide instant insights, limitless scalability, software and management capabilities from anywhere, and secure access based on your set preferences.

Minimal Effort Maintenance

Access controls only need an internet connection, with no bulky servers, thin clients, or port forwards required. Experience automatic updates to the software for security enhancements or upgraded features.

Simple Management

Use any device to give, revoke, or edit user access and use integrated video footage to view user events easily.

Cost-Effective and Reliable Solutions

Access control panels work with existing door hardware and cards to provide seamless integration backed by Verkada’s 10-year warranty with no door-tiered hardware needed.

Key Features

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows for instant total video and data unification no matter where you are.
Our systems provide seamless access integration across all of your company’s facilities no matter the size or scope of your access control needs.
Our systems make it easy to monitor and control your access points from anywhere through the cloud, enabling you to make instantaneous changes as needed.
Maintain your building safety by setting coherent restriction permissions across your platforms.